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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 27, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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bret: that's all she said. we didn't edit it. that's it for "special report" this time. the only place you get the whole story. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. we will see you back here tomorrow. good night bahamas. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: tonight, the stunning story of a woman kidnapped two decades ago. today, she is found. now the horrors of the time between then and now and what happens to the kidnappers. but, first, remembering senator kennedy. [. [ applause ] shepard: tributes. >> he did so much work for the entire country. shepard: remembrances. >> he loved people. he loved the give and take of politics. shepard: and words of affection. >> people around here revered him. shepard: know mourners give senator ted kennedy a last trip through the city he loved. >> this is his home. this is where he is supposed to
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be. shepard: private family service to a very public memorial. final goodbyes for a senator who did so much for so many. shepard: the body of senator edward m. kennedy now lies in repose at the presidential library built in the honorable of his brother j.f. ck.: staffs opened to the public a little more than an hour ago so people could pay their respects. thousands of people have lined up there and officials are allowing the men in groups of 35 to 40. we expect this to continue until midnight tonight. hours earlier, the kennedy family attended a private mass in hyannisport on cape cod. reportedly in a room overlooking the water. and afterwards, members of the military brought out the casket carrying senator kennedy's remains, the family patriot -- patriarch. they loaded the casket into a waiting hears.
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-- hearse. final trip away from hyannisport. mourners lined part of that route. some took photos while other stood and paid tribute at the hearse headed for boston for a last look at a few spots that meant so much to the senator. [ applause ] first spot in a church that carries a bell hand made by the patriot paul revere. the motorcade continuing down hanover street passed a park named for kennedy's mother and on to than hall. from there a ride past the area where the senator once worked as an assistant district attorney and where his brother john lived while running for congress in 1946. then, a trip past the jfk federal building where senator kennedy kept an office for decades. and, from there, on to the john f. kennedy presidential library.
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and, once again a look at the scene at that library and museum where edward kennedy's body will lie in repose today and tomorrow before the funeral scheduled for saturday. we have team fox coverage now. carl cameron covering possible senate replacements for ted kennedy. but, first, david lee miller, he is at the presidential library down there in boston. david lee, what's it been like there so far? >> shepard, there is a sense of camaraderie, a sense of togetherness here. this as thousands now line up outside of the library to file past the closed casket of senator ted kennedy. yes, there is also a sense of sorrow. also perhaps more than anything else there is a celebration of life. people are here today to thank the senator for what he has given them. shepard? shepard: david lee, what's the word on saturday's funeral plans plans? >> well, we understand that president obama is already hard at work at the eulogy. it is highly unusual for someone outside the kennedy clan to participate in a family eulogy.
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also, note worthy, four of the four living presidents have all been invited to attend the funeral service on saturday. now we are getting word that bush 41 and his wife say that they have been in touch with the kennedy family and they will not be able to attend the event. and, also significant today, shepard, fox news is getting word that the hyannis port compound at the family's request is now going to be turned into a museum and institution of learning. the compound has been in the family for generations. now they would like the american public to have the chance to use it and to enjoy it. shepard? shepard: david lee miller live in boston tonight. david lee, thank you. senator kennedy will be a very difficult public servant to follow but someone will have to fill his seat. the senator himself was clearly thinking of that when he wrote a letter to massachusetts state leaders asking them to change the law, to let the governor
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appoint a temporary replacement. now lawmakers are indicating they goal along with the senator's wishes. carl cameron with that part of the story tonight. who is likely to get the short-term job? >> it's still not quite a done deal. all ties point, all fingers point to paul kirk, 71 years old. by most accounts a real guardian of the kennedy legacy. he is the current chairman of the kennedy library foundation. he was a former aid to senator kennedy for years. he chaired the democratic national committee during the 1980s. just last year he was actually on president obama's nominating convention platform committee. so, lots of connections there and he is 71 and has said he won't run for the seat in the special election coming up next year. shepard: all right. well, who might? >> it could be in january. it could be in december. that's not worked out. but right now the odds on frontrunner is considered to be steve lynch, a congressman from south boston. he is pro life and antigay marriage. quite conservative by democratic standards, particularly in
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massachusetts but very popular. there is martha coakley, the attorney general of the state, a real up and comer in massachusetts politics. and, there is also mike capuano a rather liberal. there are a couple outliar possibilities. joe kennedy is the big question mark. if a kennedy were to run it, would be very hard to imagine a kennedy not winning, shep. shepard: something hard to imagine something other than a democrat in that state. they haven't had a republican since the 1970s might that change? >> there are republicans looking at it most notably the former party chairman who does have enough money to self-fund. since 2006 there has been recruitment effort underway for none other than curt schilling, he retired in march. republicans unpopular. certainly a lot of name i.d. but not a lot of political experience. in massachusetts if a republican could win, somebody that popular might have a chance. shepard: carl cameron on capitol hill tonight. much more on the coverage for the memorials for senator
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kennedy ahead. coming up this saturday, our news team will be in to bring you coverage of the funeral mass in boston and the burial at arlington national cemetery. we will be here, i will be here starting 10:00 eastern time saturday morning. 7:00 a.m. on the west coast and continuing through "the fox report." but, first tonight, the chilling story of a woman who vanished almost two decades ago when she was about 11 years old. now her mother gets a phone call saying your daughter is alive. two suspects in custody. the details of her life in captivity are just trickling out. and what we learned in just the past half hour is nothing short of horrifying: i was in the grocery store when i had a heart attack.
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shepard: an incredible development tonight in the case of a girl who was 11 years old when kidnapped back in 1991. police now say they have found her and that she is alive.
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29 years old and the story they're telling is incredible. the abduction of jeas lee do you guard attracted national attention. two people drove up to her as she headed to a school bus stop at her home near lake tahoe, grabbed her and drove off. since then nothing, no trace of her, not one sighting. that is until reports came in this week that this man, philip gurado was acting strangely on the campus of university of california berkeley. is he an ex-con who served time for rape. he is not allowed to be near children. weighs reportedly with two young kids at the time. so, when police questioned him about it, they say all of a sudden he made an unexpected confession that not only had he kidnapped jaysy lee dugard all those years ago but that the children he was with were hers. >> the two minor children turned out to be children of jeas and the male suspect. they along with nancy were
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living together at the residence ant n. antioch since the kidnapping. shepard: living together with the woman they allegedly kidnapped when she was just 11. and the guy fathered two children. fbi agents helping local police search through that house. a compound as they describe it from which they say the suspect gurardo and his wife nancy hid her from the rest of the world. tonight they are facing the possibility of kidnapping charges and sex crimes. claudia cowan is following this one from the very beginning. where is dugard tonight and do we know how she is doing? >> well, shepard, she has not yet been seen publicly so we don't know what she looks like after all these years. but we understand she is in good shape and right now is at a bay area hotel with her mother savoring this long awaited reunion. shepard: what has she been doing over the last 18 years? clearly two children with this man who kidnapped her.
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>> this existence sounds absolutely horrific. alyssa was kept as a sex slave living in complete isolation in a backyard shed with virtually no electricity. and sound-proofed walls. those two other children lived there as well. their ages are 11 and 15. and it turns out now they are the children of jaciedugard and her abductor. shepard: she was in a shed in the backyard for 1 years? years -- 18 years? >> indeed. they describe this situation as a compound that could not be seen from the outside. parole agents would go and pay him visits to make sure he was sticking to the parole rules. they had no idea that there was this second backyard with this compound where these children were living. shepard: we're getting some interesting details about this suspect, aren't we? >> well, is he a registered sex offender who was on parole here in california after serving time in nevada on rape and kidnap convictions there. by all accounts, i spoke to some
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of his neighbors. he was a good neighbor who ran a printing business out of his home. but his blog suggests that he held some rather strange religious beliefs. shepard, he told people he could talk to god through a special box. and he was apparently trying to form his own church based on this device. and also, shepard, part of his mission in this was to be a teacher at uc berkeley where,s of course, his strange behavior aroused the suspicion of campus police on tuesday. shepard: wow, incredible story that would have been our lead story tonight barring the passing the senator kennedy. claudia cowan with reports to come in the days ahead. now the latest on bird and mellowed billings the wealthy florida panhandle couple known for adopting children with special needs. the last moments alive as they confronted those attackers who would shoot and kill them. today a judge allowed journalists to watch security footage. the court did not release it
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publicly so we can't show it to you. according to reporters who watched the video to t. shows them putting their arms up as the intruders entered the home. one of the thidz seems to be in the room as well. at the time we are told bird billings falls to the floor apparently after being shot in the leg and eventually the killers take the couple out of the cam wraps view to the bedroom where they shot and killed them. shot seven people -- seven including a juvenile. all first degree murder all pleaded not guilty. fox news is tracking h1n1 and two stories tonight related to this outbreak and the pandemic. there is word today that a handful of universities will begin testing an h1n1 vaccine on children. this after initial clinical trials in adults appeared safe. doctors say it is crucial to test the vaccine in kids because they're among those with the highest risk of contracting h1n1. >> it may be even more important to do these studies in children
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because children are affected more often and with more serious consequences than are healthy adults. shepard: typically elderly are most vulnerable to influenza. new findings found today by the centers for disease control and prevention that when it comes to this flu, h1n1, kids are actually 14 more times to become likely to become sickened from this virus than adults age 60 and older. now to a major h1n1 outbreak in the u.s. air force deamed in colorado springs. officials now there report nearly 250 cadets had to be isolated during first weeks of basic training. of those, 143 confirmed to have h1n1. doctors at the air force academy mapped out a highly organized response that appears to have stopped the quickly spreading virus. >> this is how cadets at the air force academy in colorado go to lunch. so when the elite military school was hit by an h1n1
7:17 pm
outbreak, it hit back with the same precision. >> we based our initial interventions on our -- on a very high degree of suspicion that it was, indeed, an h1n1 outbreak and we moved forward with that high degree of suspicion. we didn't wait, necessarily, for the confirmatory tests. >> they believed the fast spreading h1n1 took hold fourth of july. >> when all the cadets were together in one area and it just kind of mushroomed after that. >> in an aggressive move, every enrollee was screened. anyone with the slightest flu system symptom was placed in isolation. more than 240 in all. >> at the far end there is a section that's separate. >> two dorm floors where cadets were restricted, physicians made rounds, meals were delivered and they stayed there until they were seven days out from the onset and 24 hours symptom-free. >> our cadets jumped on board right away and kind of understood the seriousness of this and what they needed to do. >> their blunt, guidelines from
7:18 pm
the centers for disease control. hand sanitizers on every dorm floor. educational campaign to inform both the ill and healthy cadets about stopping it and everybody got their temperatures taken. >> now, the doctor who heads the el paso county health department where the air force academy is located told me she thinks they handled the outbreak well. one thing to consider, however, this is a strictly controlled environment. cadets follow orders. when you think about a civilian university, symptomatic student who is told to stay in their dorm room, it's a whole lot more difficult to control. shep? shepard: alicia acuna live in a beautiful afternoon in colorado springs. >> there is a report tonight that the military as it fights wars overseas, it's keeping careful watch on the reporting here at home. coming up next, why some are now reporting that the pentagon is rating individual journalists and what that can mean to the news you see. caught on tape. pirates have opened fire on a
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shepard: some questions tonight over whether the u.s. military is grading the work of the journalists who cover it. according to the military newspaper stars and stripes, the pentagon used a public relations firm to screen the coverage of certain reporters. the newspaper claims the firm put together reports with charts like this one. we have no way to verify the authenticity of this chart, but it appears to track the stories of a single reporter whose name, as you can see, is redacted there. rating 83% of his or her stories as neutral and the rest as negative. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon tonight. jennifer, according to this paper, there this may be an attempt by the military to manipulate the kind of stories that reporters cover is there anything to this?
7:23 pm
>> well, we have been able to confirm, shep, that, in fact, the military did hire a pr firm based in d.c. called the renden groupment and they provide the military with assessments like the ones you see here of journalist work. this one was written on august 14th. and it was based on the work of a freelance journalist based in jordan. and the accusation by stars and stripes and others is that they were using this assessment of the journalist' work to basically engage them and possibly influence the way their stories would turn out in the end. shepard: what's the military saying about this? >> well, the military is not denying that they hired this group, the renden group and that they were getting information about stories and ratings of stories. but they say that there was no mall intent. that they weren't trying to influence the reporters. they weren't stopping the reporters from going on elm beds with the military based on the rating of these stories that they were receiving. so, they are still planning to use this group. the renden group.
7:24 pm
the contract lasts until next january. they say that the stars and stripes is reading too much into the analysis being done by the pr group. shepard: did they rate you? >> i asked them. and they won't tell me what my rating is. shepard: but they did rate you? >> no. i don't know that for sure, shep. actually. shepard: a-plus jennifer griffin. >> they did rate some of my colleagues and, in fact, you don't want a high rating with them because it would suggest that your stories were mostly positive it would be curious to find out what one's rating is but i do know they have rated some of my colleagues here. shepard: very interesting. thanks so much. the u.s. navy is in a show down at see with a group of pirates. military leaders have released this surveillance video. watch closely. they claim it shows pirates firing what they call a large caliber weapon at a navy helicopter yesterday. it happened off the coast of somalia. we have circled the alleged attackers here so you can see. according to the pentagon the pirates hijacked this ship way
7:25 pm
back in april. we are told no shots hit the helicopter. that the navy didn't return fire. that the crew didn't even know it had been fired upon until it reviewed this video. i want to tell you they say that this is a ship they are using as a sort of mother ship to conduct other pirate operations. and they may have even have been part of that big pirate attack that we were covering here about a month ago. afternoon they still have the crew members on board there. since then. well, he is the country's top banker, the head of the federal reserve. ben bernanke is often an identity theft victim in this case. we'll tell how ripped him off and how much they got. and what ben bernanke himself says about the whole experience. that's coming up. generally awesome. and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200. are you some kind of-- mind reader, visionary ? no, i have them. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99
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more saving. more doing. - that's the power of the home depot. - ♪ yeah yeah yeah. shepard: they were wounded while fighting for our country. now a group of disabled veterans is getting a chance to do something they may never have thought possible. our top story on a fox trip across america. texas. disabled vets, including some amputees strapping on water skis at sea world. the event called all can ski has taken place every year since 1992. it teaches them how to ski and soldiers say it gives them a major boost in confidence. >> just a higher self-esteem. knowing that i did something that i thought i couldn't do. >> it's such a high. it really is. shepard: florida, a tv crew goes to a woman's house to investigate a story and she comes out swinging. >> get off my porch right now.
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shepard: the woman hit the forever's camera with a garden ho. nobody got hurt. a cheating husband going public with his affair. the man standing at a busy intersection with this massive sign around his neck. he says his scorned wife brokered the deal. we are told he wouldn't give details but he reportedly has to stand there for the rest of the week. utah, three tiger cubs making their debut at a zoo in salt lake city. the brothers are nearly three weeks old already and weigh about 25 pounds each. zoo keepers say they're mom's first litter and part of a fox watch across america. i'm shepard smith. this is fox report hd. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. the insurance fund, which protects the money in your bank account is losing money and fast. the federal deposit insurance corporation or fdic reports the fund dropped 20% this spring.
7:31 pm
as two dozen more banks failed and the banking system overall lost billions of dollars. take a look at this chart. just a couple of years ago, the fdic's fund had a balance of more than $50 billion. it's now down to about 10 billion. this effects all of us, really, because it's the money that the banks set aside to guarantee our deposit just in case the banks fail. rich edison from the fox business network live at the washington business desk. like i said this money comes from the banks not the government is there a chance now that the fdic may have to borough taxpayer money, whatever it left of it and is it -- he has done that in the past. >> it has. it's possible it will happen again. the fdic has already charged banks a special fee replenish the fund. regulators say they will soon hit banks again for more money but the banking industry is losing billions of dollars. the fdic can charge it only so much. that's why regulators say they cannot rule out borrowing from taxpayers. >> big picture here, rich. after all the bailouts, why are these banks still losing so much
7:32 pm
money? >> mortgages. mortgages gone bad and assets tied to mortgages gone bad. business loans, consumer loans, millions of americans out there out of work having trouble paying those loans. regulators are worried about more of that coming down the road like the economy, the fdic says it will take time to clean up this mess. shepard: rich edison, thanks, remember all of that money, all the bad loans they were supposed to get out of there, they never got them out. new evidence tonight that the string of layoffs we have seen in this recession is finally starting to taper off. decrease in the number of newly filed americans filing claims for jobless benefits for the first time it was down 10,000 from the previous week and at the same time a drop in the total number of americans who remain on the jobless roles. that number down by -- down more than about 100 grand. it remains above 6 million total. meanwhile, the commerce department now confirms its latest snapshot of the economy. the one that shows the value of all the goods and services the country produces fell 1% in the
7:33 pm
second quarter. that's the fourth straight quarterly drop of the gross domestic product or g.d.p. and better than analysts expected. stocks fell in trading. led by sell off in energy companies. the market turned around though when oil prices shot up. by the closing bell the dow was up 37 points. that's the eighth straight winning session. nasdaq and s&p both up about 3. well, here is some proof that identity theft can happen to just about anyone, even the country's top banker. as it turns out, the frrve chairman ben bernanke fell victim to what the justice department is calling the biggest credit and debit card scam ever. we reported on this last week. of the suspect accused of stealing more than 130 million account numbers. 130 million. rick folbaum is here. bernanke's case started with like a purse snatching, right? >> last summer in d.c. the fed chair's wife anna bernanke hanging out at the local starbucks when somebody swipes
7:34 pm
her purse right off the back of her chair. inside that purse, shep, a pocketbook. inside that pocketbook a checkbook. not long after that crooks started cashing about $900,000 worth of checks from the bernanke's account. they had reported the purse stolen so they didn't actually lose any money. the fed chair admitting the whole thing saying: and this is a ring, shepard, that local police and the feds have known about for a while. shepard: a and a big operation. 130 million, million numbers stolen? >> this was a pretty big operation. over $2 million stolen in total. one of the ringleaders is a guy named collide austin gray. weighs busted last month. he has pled guilty. but adam levin of identity theft 911 and says that this is just one arrest. in a world full of bad guys. >> because of the stakes involved and the billions of dollars that are there for the taking, things are going going
7:35 pm
to get worse and worse and worse until we get as sophisticated as the bad guys and frankly the bad guys are five years ahead the good guys in terms of so he fis at this -- so he fis particular sophistication. the security money they used to spend they are no longer spending. shepard: what are the feds saying about how people can protect themselves? >> a couple of different things. first of all the main thing is to shed shed -- shred, shred, shred, anything certainly with your social security number shred it check your credit point. you can do that once a year without having any affect on your credit account. don't carry around your social security number and be smart about the kind of personal information you share with other people on social networking sites. but the number one thing is to keep your social security number to yourself because once a criminal has access to that your identity is no longer yours.
7:36 pm
shepard: rick folbaum, thank you, sir. many states beefing up their efforts to collect back taxes as the revenues fall and the deficits skyrockets. now a state irs agents are getting creative. controlling social networking sites like facebook and our corporate cousin myspace. in minnesota agents track down one tax evaried after he posted his new employers's name on line. they collected several thousand dollars in back taxes. agents can only use publicly available information and they can't use fake identities to befriend anyone. buying art can be awfully expensive. probably why so many people around the globe either steal it or get it on the black market. the fbi estimates art crooks snatched about $6 billion worth of art every year. and con men make even bigger bucks selling counterfeits and unsuspecting customers. it's such a problem that the fbi created a special task force to tackle it. we got a behind the scenes look to see how they do it. >> from a distance, it looks
7:37 pm
like a $90,000 piece of art. but up close this forged picasso is barely worth the paper it's printed on. >> they make it sound legitimate. they make it sound like this is a deal that you just don't want to let go. and so people bite. >> fbi special agent chris colarko is one of 13 agents on the art fraud task force working with local law enforcement to crack down on thieves and counterfeiters across the nation. he says while daring art heists get most of the publicity, it's fake artwork that's become a multi billion-dollar industry worldwide. >> it's a huge problem. and, you know, people who are involved in art and buying and selling and collecting probably have a much better chance of being ripped off through art fraud than ever having their art stolen from them. >> stealing the real thing is still big business. this special fbi unit handles all kind of crime in the art
7:38 pm
world from investigating the scene to prosecuting the bad guys. and they are getting more cooperation than ever from gallery owners and dealers who want to assure customers of authenticity of their wears at a time when sophisticated technology has dramatically increased the quality of duplicate artwork. >> the collector should work with repentable galleries. anybody can make a mistake. at least if a mistake has been made you have recourse a legitimate gallery will always back up what they sold. >> as a rule of thumb, these agents say, buying art is no different than buying a tv, camera, or anything else. if a deal on painting or sculpture seems too good to be true it, probably is. in los angeles, adam housley, fox news. shepard: you have probably heard how the united states attorney general has ordered an investigation into the way the cia has interrogated some terror suspects. some former intelligence officers are now coming forward and saying that decision is doing a number on the people
7:39 pm
inside the agency. so, the question tonight, is the obama administration making a mistake with this investigation? coming up, we will report, you decide. welcome to the now network. right now five coworkers
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priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. call or go online now to get started. shepard: just in, new information and sources are telling fox news that 14 speakers will deliver remarks at tomorrow's wake for the late senator ted kennedy. live pictures now coming to us from boston. as we reported earlier, senator john kerry and senator john mccain will be speaking there. and we can add these names from our sources. senator chris dodd and senator barbara she put his name into nomination back in 1980. tom will speak and devol patrick as well. we are expecting the full list shortly. when we get it, we will bring it to you. south carolina's governor says is he a victim of selective outrage. mark sanford is fighting back today or trying to against a
7:43 pm
fellow republican who is trying to get him impeached not for the governor's disappearance in june and not for his affair with the areargentinian soul mate but for using taxpayer money to fly business class. government sanford broke a law that requires government employees to fly as cheap as possible. he says they have been buying pricey plane tickets for 25 years and nobody has complained until now. >> there is something wrong with selective outrage. it's ok to say i don't agree with this or that, but to pass over 25 years of history and say it had been the current practice for 25 years but we're going to be just outraged in this one instance there, something wrong with that. >> something wrong with a lot of the things here. south carolina's lt. governor andre bower says that governor sanford should resign already. the governor says he will not be, quote, railroaded out of office. the obama administration's decision to investigate the cia interrogation of terrorist
7:44 pm
suspects is having a devastating impact on morale at the agency. that's what one former cia officer is telling us. and other former officers say the threat of possible prosecutions could effect how the agency does its job in the future. catherine herridge is in our d.c. newsroom tonight just across from the capital. hi, catherine. >> thanks, shep. fox news spoke to five former cia officers for this story. most asked to remain anonymous given the sensitivity of the topic and the justice department probe. one former officer who at one time tracked osama bin laden in afghanistan put it this way: this view was shared by another former intelligence officer who also declined to speak on the record. people criticized us after 9/11 to be two to arisk averse. if we weren't then we will be now. one company received a large number of emails from the inside which say can you help me find a job? i'm tired of the second-guessing and looking over my shoulder.
7:45 pm
>> the effect of what's happening right now is likely to be a subtle one. yes, people are showing up for work. they're going through their actions. they -- they are flying in the hallways. but my concern is that it is having an effect over time on the culture of the organization. you won't see it right await a minute my fear is that you are not going to see it until frankly it's too late. >> in a statement an agency spokesperson said: separately, a u.s. intelligence official says the harsh tactics including waterboarding, which is like drowning, are over and it was just a small part of the agency's overall work, shep. >> catherine herridge on capitol hill tonight. cat, thanks. and we're just getting this into the news room and word that michael jackson's family has now told investigators they found heroin in his room.
7:46 pm
that's according to a printed search warrant but the associated press reports the substance that the family thought was heroin was not actually heroin. in fact, it's not clear what it was. investigators say they did find various prescription drugs and some pot in the house. michael jackson died in june with lethal amounts of the anesthetic propofol in his system. the personal doctor is now the focus of a manslaughter investigation. caught on tape. burglars breaking into a hollywood star's home. now the police say they hope this tape will help catch the bad guys. they are looking for your help. and tropical storm danny is heading toward the east coast. we have just gotten a brand new update from the national hurricane center on this thing. the extreme weather center in hd has it for you straight away. pa
7:47 pm
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7:50 pm
shepard: big for the weekend for most people on the east coast, especially in the northeast. tropical storm danny, and we have just gotten an update on its position and its situation. and look at that last picture there. see that? it just sort of looks like it's sort of really disorganized and gives the appearance, at least, that it might even be falling apart, of course that's to the untrained eye. let's get to the trained one rick reichmuth live in the extreme weather center hd. man, this is feeling better. >> it is feeling better. what you are seeing on the last couple of images is the satellite where the satellite is actually seeing and moved infrared it's losing the daylight. that's why it's looking disorganized. however it is very organized. the center of the storm very well away from all of the convection and not really all of that organized. if if it can maintain the lack of organization around the next 12 to 24 hours, that's a very good sign and there is good
7:51 pm
indications that's going to be the case. i want to look -- look at these models. batch of storms is going to pull off to the north. the speed of it is "the big story" and how strong this storm gets. i do not think we are going to be talking about a hurricane. we are probably not going to be talking about a major tropical system. it's going to combine with another system, shepard, that is moving in from the west. and probably will be bringing some very strong winds out across the cape cod and the islands and that's very close, of course, to the boston area. this is the official track but i do want to show you just the precipitation forecast as we move over it in the next couple of days. this is saturday morning in boston. all of the services and people getting prepared for the services in boston for saturday afternoon, likely starting to seat rain move in. and by 2:00, when they transport all the services, all the family, down to arlington for the burial, that's probably when we will be seeing the worst of the rain and worst of the wind, unfortunately right around the boston area. by 5:00 or later that afternoon, into n. toward the d.c. area.
7:52 pm
things looking fine. shepard, the biggest problem and the worse of this is probably going to be right in the boston area. right at around that 2:00 time on saturday afternoon. shepard: wow, that is unfortunate. rick reichmuth, keep an eye on it, thank you, sir. another delay for the space shuttle discovery today. nasa has cab said tomorrow morning's planned launch. now they are shooting for late tomorrow night. this after stormy weather. nasa says it wants more time to study that valve before it sends discovery into space for a 13-day mission. if the shuttle isn't space-biewnd by sunday. nasa says it will have to wait until the middle of october because of all scheduled traffic at the international space station. well, he spent a year and a half in prison for his role as the money man in a vicious dogfighting ring. but tonight the quarterback michael vick returned to the nfl under the bright lights. as you will recall, the philadelphia eagles signed michael vick a couple of weeks ago. he took this to the field for this evening's preseason home
7:53 pm
game against jacksonville. we're told he got a standing ovation when he first stepped on the touch. but -- turf. at the same time, there was protesting going on outside. in fact one sign red murderers are not role models. of course he didn't murder anybody. some dogs were killed. at any rate vick owes creditors total of $20 million. lindsay lohan a name nope to the los angeles police department. a different story tonight. cops search for three suspects that broke into her home over the weekend. here you can see them walk into a gate the past weekend. their heads covered with scarves. they think the suspects are between 18 and 25 years old. we are told lohan wasn't at home at the time. she reportedly wrote on her twitter site that the suspects took things that, quote, a certain old friend knew meant a lot to me. lohan's personal problems have made her a fixture in the tabloids. she starred in movies including mean girls and freaky friday. well, here on "the fox report,"
7:54 pm
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full & thick from pantene. healthy makes it happen. shepard: top stories coming up. but, first, if you are a regular here you know how much we enjoy the bear stories. tonight, we present not one or two but three of them. we begin in frasier park, california where folks have adopted bear cubs. somebody shot momma bear last week after she attacked a dog. so people there are taking care of these baby bears until experts can get them back into the wild. number two, a bear in hernando, county florida also getting a one way ticket back to the woods. here is he doing his best impersonation of a rug, i guess. but when this guy is not napping, he apparently likes to raid bird feeders since there were no 400-pound humming birds to fight him off, trappers stepped. in our third installment, a much more energetic bear. this one wandered into a concrete skate park in colorado.
7:58 pm
once he got in there. he couldn't get out. the parks and recreation workers dropped a ladder. once he figured out how to. skateboard and trampoline. those seem to work nicely every time. top stories updated now. tonight, the body of iconic massachusetts senator ted kennedy is now lying in repose at the jfk presidential library in boston. thousands of mourners expected to pay last respects tonight and tomorrow. a woman has turned up at a police station in california 18 years after somebody kidnapped her in nevada. she was 11 then. and police say they have two suspects in custody. and we're told the federal reserve chairman ben bernanke is now a victim of identity theft. police say trouble began when a thief stole his wife's purse last year. and on this day in 1859, a fellow named edwin drake drilled the first successful oil well in the world outside a small town in northwest pennsylvania.
7:59 pm
folks had known oil was present in the titusville area for some time. but, up until then, there was really no practical way of getting it out of the ground. then after countless attempts, drake's technique of driving pipes into the earth finally worked. and out came a bubbling crude. the rush was on almost overnight. derricks sprung up all over the places as did oil companies. some made big bucks and they made more when they later found oil in texas and in the middle east. drake, however, died pennyless. but there was black gold in them their hills 150 years ago today. and now you know the news for this thursday, august the 27th, 2009. i'm shepard smith. tonight, we leave with you a live look at john f. kennedy library and museum in boston where senator ted kennedy now lies in repose. we have continuing coverage throughout the night and the weekend and i will be


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